The Marlow Day Nursery
The Marlow Day Nursery
The Marlow Day Nursery
Upcoming Event:

Friday 1st June Jubilee Party and our 15th Anniversary Celebration. Our party will take place in the afternoon with lots of lovely food and drinks, music, a photographer and the Bucks Free Press...check out our events page!

Weekly Menu & Healthy Eating

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A Typical Weekly Menu
(Comprising mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack
and tea)

Toasted Hot Cross Buns, Milk/Water
Mixed Vegetable Frittata, Banana Bread, Water
Selection of Chopped Fruit, Milk/Water
Wraps with mixture of fillings, Fruit, raisins, water

Popcorn, Milk/water
Tuna and Courgette Lasagne, Fresh Fruit Salad
Carrot and Cucumber Sticks, Milk/Water
Soft Roll with Various Fillings, Homemade Cake, Water

Toasted Pancakes, Milk/Water
Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Vegetables, Ice Cream
Selection of Chopped Fruit, Milk/Water
Vegetable Soup with Crusty Bread, Raisins, Water

Homemade Flapjack, Milk/Water
Pea and Ham Risotto, Fruit Yoghurt, Water
Carrot, Cucumber, Pepper Sticks, Milk/Water
Toast with Pilchards, Homemade Cake, Fruit, Water

Bread Sticks or Biscuits, Milk/Water
Spinach, Squash, Potato and Horse Radish Bake, Homemade Trifle, Water
Selection of Chopped Fruit, Milk/Water
Crackers with Cream Cheese and Cucumber, Homemade Cake, Fruit, Water

We are pleased to say that we have liaised with the Children’s Food Advisory Service who helped us to identify the ‘dirty dozen’ food additives. We then went through all our menus and food purchases to ensure that we were only providing meals that were clear of these additives. If you would like to know more then please visit

Our aim is to provide a good balance of healthy meals and snacks using fresh produce and cooked on the premises. We also include food from other countries in our weekly menus and use snack times to try out foods that the children may not have experienced before.

As well as encouraging healthy eating and developing the choices the children make with regard to their eating habits we also promote the importance of the social aspect of eating together.  The children eat main meals together with their key carers, they help to lay the tables, the older children serve their own meals, all children help to clear away once they have finished eating.