The Marlow Day Nursery
The Marlow Day Nursery
The Marlow Day Nursery
Upcoming Event:

Friday 1st June Jubilee Party and our 15th Anniversary Celebration. Our party will take place in the afternoon with lots of lovely food and drinks, music, a photographer and the Bucks Free Press...check out our events page!


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Jellyfish - Castle Week
the children will be dressing up as kings, queens and knights, we will be eating ‘royal’ food, and playing ‘royal’ games. Parents will be invited to take part sometime during the week.



a trip to the library in Bourne End on the Marlow Donkey train.

Graduation Ceremony 2013

Class of 2013 - our second Graduation Day was held in the sunshine on July 17th. The children looked amazing if a little warm in their caps and gowns. Everyone was happy once cake and drinks arrived!Graduation Class 2013

Fathers Day

Dad’s had the opportunity to take part in our weekly music session and lots of other activities. “What’s Ooblik?” was heard several times but when they had a go it was well worth the risk!!!


Easter Bonnet Parade

PoliceAn exciting day for all the children with many, many lovely Bonnets.

More details to follow.....



Red Nose Day

red nose dayGreat fun was had by all during Comic Relief week, from staff wearing silly wigs, to decorating cakes with red cherry noses.

We raised a total of £69.23 which has now been sent to Comic Relief.

Thank you to all families who took part.


poppiesOn Monday 12th November we walked to the cenotaph in Marlow, time to show our respects to the people in the war by laying down the Poppies we had made.

It was a long walk and rained some of the time but it was important to do this. We saw lots of Poppies already there and put ours next to them.

Police Squad

PoliceThe day the Police came to nursery!

Lucy and Steve drove their police van to nursery so that we could inspect it. They talked to us about their job and brought some uniforms for us to try on.

We all had a lovely time and have sent them a box of chocolates to say a very big THANK YOU.

Graduation Ceremony 2012

Graduation Class 2012Our ‘Class of 2012’ all grown up and ready for school.

Despite the rain we had a lovely afternoon where the children wore graduation gowns and mortar boards and were presented with a leavers certificate by their key carer in front of some quite emotional parents and carers.

This was our first graduation celebration and certainly won’t be the last. The children had individual photographs and a group photograph taken which I’m sure will be treasured for many years.

Of course we ended the afternoon with tea and cakes!

Jubilee Party & 15th Anniversary


Lots of fun was had with a tea party for children, parents and staff on June 1st 2012

Our children were busy with flag making, decorating crowns, drawing portraits of the Queen, making guards to watch over Buckingham Palace and lots more.

Everyone made a big effort to dress up and we even had a letter and photograph from the Queen!

The sun shone and lots of sandwiches and cake was eaten.

Jellyfish at Odds Farm Park

Odds Farm Park

In April we took 36 children to see the new lambs at Odds Farm Park.

The sun shone, not a cloud in the sky, the animals were very pleased to see us as we fed them bottles and food for the goats and quickly visited the ‘stinky’ pigs.

We played on the adventure playground and in the huge sandpits, and washed our hands lots of times.

Picnic was fun outside with more animals to see afterwards and another play time.

The day was a huge success and the coach ride to and from the park a big adventure.